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Degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

The undergraduate in the Degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering must be in possession of the following competences: the capability for logical, rational reasoning and critical analysis; the ability to apply the knowledge acquired from various branches of science and technology; mathematical skills; and good spatial and global vision.

The student who wishes to undertake the Degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering must possess the ability to assimilate and skilfully manage the knowledge acquired in previous studies. It is recommendable, in any case, that the student has coursed secondary education specialising in the branch of Engineering and Architecture, and that he or she have a thorough grounding in mathematics, physics, technical drawing and English.

Notwithstanding, success in the degree of Naval Engineering does not solely depend on initial capabilities, but rather on the work carried out throughout the degree and especially on the students’ motivation, not only for academic effort, but also on their ambition to become adroit and responsible professionals. Some valuable characteristics for the undergraduate are responsibility; a good concentration and attention span; the ability to relate well with others and for group working; flexibility and polyvalence; the ability to adjust to new situations and to constant changes; the capacity for organisation and constancy.

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